Wills and Trusts

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At Martin & Associates, we understand that planning for when we are not here involves difficult decisions. We will work with you to effectuate your desires and ensure your final wishes are carried out. Many wills can be drafted in a few hours if need be. Besides drafting wills, we can also draft codicils (amendments to wills) and help you understand the probate process. Our firm can also act as the executor of your estate or aid your executor with the probate process from start to finish. At Martin & Associates, we can help you and your loved ones through all the challenges that end-of-life planning entails.

With complex estates or when trying to support children or parents with financial aid, a trust may be a viable option. Trusts are designed to disperse funds or items to individuals at designated times and can help avoid probate with when used in conjunction with wills. One area that trusts are beneficial is when individuals have out-of-state properties and do not wish to incur the expense of opening another estate. Trusts can also be used to help individuals qualify for Medicaid eligibility. Whatever your financial status, a trust may be a good thing to think about for you and your loved one’s futures.